Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Legal Affairs Organized

November 4, 2009

danielle mayoras

1 – Keep a list of the names and numbers of the professions that you work with as well as your account numbers, securities and insurance information.

2 – Keep your list from #1 above and your Estate Planning documents together and help your family avoid the Scavenger Hunt.

3 – Use a fireproof box for those documents that the family has access to in the event of an emergency. Alternatively use a safe deposit box that the family can get into in the event of an emergency.

4 – Review and update your Estate Planning documents every three to five years.

5 – Make sure to have alternate designees on your documents.

6 – Make sure that your documents have a HIPAA representative designated on the Power of Attorney.

7 – If you have a Revocable Living Trust, make sure that it is funded.

8 – Make sure to consult with an Elder Law attorney to create a long term care plan in the event that the unexpected happens.

9 – If you have loved ones with special needs, make sure that you have a properly drafted Special Needs Trust.

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Successful Marketing for Introverts

October 9, 2009

beth woodward

In my experience I have seen many levels of introvert and extrovert. Let me share some of my own.

• Invite me to a party — I’d rather have a root canal
• Have me speak about something I’m passionate about in front of
a group of people — I shine.
• Put me in a “casual” networking group — root canal please.
• Put me in a “structured” networking group where I can ask for what
I need and help others at the same time — I’m in heaven.

We all have our levels of how we interact, the environments where we thrive and the environments where we are extremely uncomfortable. I have seen many people go into business for themselves, myself included, that would rather give up their dream than to market their business and themselves. I was almost one of those statistics. I almost QUIT my dream until I discovered the secret.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrases for successful marketing, Find Your Passion; Market from your Passion; Marketing from Within, etc. This is actually correct, but there are a few more steps. Too many times we focus on things we can’t do (weakness) versus the things we can do (strength). The most common phrase I’ve heard is “I don’t want to feel like I’m selling.” Then we have this belief we’re supposed to market from the standard marketing box; cold calls, networking groups, speaking, knocking on doors, etc. NO! You don’t need to jump directly into the marketing box first. Get out of the should(s) and the can’t(s). Step into what you do well and what you enjoy first, then, open the marketing door.

The Secret

1. Give yourself permission to redefine marketing to fit your style.

Example #1

A My Way Marketing Plan participant was very good at her profession as a lawyer but was very uncomfortable with marketing. I have clients take a quick assessment and check off their strengths and passions. She expressed she had very few on her list. The key is, it doesn’t matter how many are on your list as long as you pay attention to what’s there. Some people have 30-40, others have 5-10. She chose her top 3.

Out of her 3 the main passions and strengths on her list was one-on-one conversations. We then began thinking of who might be good strategic partnerships** for her business. She was thrilled she could not only market from her favorite and most comfortable approach, but also choose her favorite environment, which happened to be in a cozy coffee shop. However, that wasn’t all that was holding her back. She had never given herself permission to call one-on-one conversations…marketing. Once she redefined marketing to One-On-One Conversations, she left saying, “I feel like I’ve had a black cloud lifted off my head.”

**Strategic partners are those that compliment your business and visa versa. When combined you have a new offering and more fun because you’re working with someone. This is different from a formal partnership with which you go into business and file a legal name.

2. Give yourself permission to market from your comfort zone.

When she gave herself permission to market from her comfort zone she began taking more steps naturally. Two weeks later I turned around at my networking group and there she was. She was enjoying herself because she gave herself permission to redefine marketing to fit her passions and strengths AND she allowed herself to market from her comfort zone. I have seen this so many times. Once you give yourself permission to stand in your comfort zone, it’s amazing how you will naturally evolve towards expanding your marketing. It becomes FUN and Exciting!

Example #2

1. Look at what you already have. All you need to market may be
right in front of you with your most comfortable group of prospective clients.

A Life Coach I met had a horrible fear of marketing but really believed in
his chosen profession and didn’t want to give it up. Through the process
described above most of his fears disappeared. But he still found himself
hesitating. He had identified his best client but that first step of where to
begin seemed too big. In asking Bob about his past profession and
contacts he realized not only would they be a perfect client, but there would be a large number of people he could comfortably approach. Bob did several things.

1) Gave himself permission to redefine marketing to fit his style.
2) Gave himself permission to market from his comfort zone.
3) Identified a market he had come from and was comfortable.
4) He became so energized with his approach and his comfortable market he is making cold calls speaking from the passion of his business.

Sometimes we are so close to things we can’t see them. Look right in front of you – your perfect client and ease of approach might be within reach.

However you approach your marketing, you get to choose how you do it. If need be, ditch the word marketing and insert ____________ (the words that fit YOU).

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Beth Woodward, CPCC, CEK (Chief Executive Kid). Beth is the creator of the popular Marketing On The Playground™ Program, Adventures In Brainstorming for Women In Business™, The My Way Marketing Plan™; and is the author of the Marketing Ideas for Women In Business™ e-Storybook. (the guys like it too)

Words of Wisdom- Meredith Bromfield

September 30, 2009

Meredith Bromfield has compiled a list of inspirational quotations on the art of Giving. Here she offers insight and advice on how to take away clarity from these Words of Wisdom.


“Every charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven.” -Henry Ward Beecher


Do you ever feel that you are making a difference? Do you feel like your life matters? Often in life we get caught up in the daily grind and we fail to realize that a small act of kindness can change someone’s life. So often we feel only the big things make a difference. But ask someone who has dropped something and the kind stranger helps them pick it up how very special they feel and grateful.


Make a difference today in the life of someone. See people as a divine encounter and maybe the greatest gift you can give them today is a smile. Look for opportunities to touch lives today!



“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” -Sir Winston Churchill


Often when I think of giving, my first thought is I really don’t have that much or does it really make a difference the little that I do give. Some times the thoughts are who do I give to? Am I really helping or am I enabling the situation?
Sometimes I overanalyze my motives for giving. I think that the heart of giving needs to be a heart of gratefulness for all the abundance that I am truly blessed with and that my giving is an expression of that.


This week get in touch with why you give or maybe why you don’t give. Then purpose to give something to someone this week. It could be clothes you have outgrown to a charity such as Goodwill, or it could be you know someone who is not feeling well and sending them a get-well card. There are so many opportunities to give choose one and give.



“For this I bless you most: You give much and know not that you give at all.” -Kahlil Gibran


Wow to be the person that giving is so much a part of your make-up that you aren’t even conscious of giving it. I went to visit my mom the other day at the nursing home and one of the workers there came up to me to thank me. I was surprised and asked what I had done and she said I called her by her name. She said most people just see us as workers and I know that is my job but you acknowledge me and for that I am grateful.


Be that person that really sees the people in your world and acknowledge them. I am so tired of hearing I can’t remember names – if that is the case apologize and say I really want to remember your name what is it? If you do that often enough you will find yourself remembering rather than making excuses that you can’t.



“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.” -John Wesley


Life is short and you will pass this way only once. Leave a legacy of good that others may follow your lead. So often many feel that only major things matter. I disagree. I think the small things the daily things are what really matters. Being kind always matters. Sharing with those in need always matters.


Decide today that your life does matter and that everything you do to make someone else’s life a little better matter. Daily you get to choose to focus on yourself or others. I think it has to be a balance as both are important. Choose to be good to yourself and then out of that choose to be good to others.



“If you don’t like something, change it.
If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
Don’t complain.”
-Maya Angelou


I love this! It is always about choices!
The awesome thing is that I get to choose what I will do.
I get to choose to change either what is bothering
me or my attitude. That is such a powerful statement “I get to choose.” When I complain I am a victim, but when I choose to change I am Victorious. I am choosing to live in Victory!


What are you struggling with today?
Can you change it? If yes then do it!
If not then find one good thing about what is
happening in your life and give thanks for that one thing.
Lastly remind yourself that complaining has never changed anything for the good. Besides you are not a victim you are choosing today to live in Victory!

Beautifully Imperfect

September 23, 2009

by Steve Pender, video biographer & personal historian, Family Legacy Video, Inc.

At the end of the day, what it is you’ll remember about your loved ones? Great accomplishments? Public acclaim? Perhaps. More than likely, though, it’ll be their endearing and “imperfect” qualities – like in this commercial commissioned by the government of Singapore. Enjoy!

5 Tips on How to Get Paid What You Really Deserve

September 2, 2009 12 13 07

Want to make more money? Well, I’ve got the secret. And I’ll bet it’s not what you think. It sure wasn’t what I expected when I interviewed hundreds of high earners for my books Secrets of Six-Figure Women and Overcoming Underearning. Very few of these successful women were driven by money. Yet they still demanded to be well compensated because-and here’s the Big Secret- they felt they were worth it.

The good news is that it’s possible for all of us to build our self worth. Here are some tips for pumping up your self-esteem along with your net worth.

1. Think Big, Then Think Even Bigger
What most of us do is unwittingly limit our earnings by lowering our expectations. Especially women. The idea is to think in terms of what you are worth, not just what you assume the market will bear.
2. Do Your Homework
One of the worst negotiating mistakes women make is picking a number out of the air that’s way too low. The smarter ones find out their market value by researching the going rates, then ask for more than is offered so they’ll have room to maneuver.
3. Take the Initiative
Have tangible evidence of what you bring to the table. Maybe you saved your company x amount of dollars or had an idea that generated so many sales. Every time you accept more responsibility, successfully complete a challenge or create positive changes, document it. Keeping records is an effective means of demonstrating your value to an organization.
4. Daily Affirmations -Act As If
Affirmations are positive statements expressed as if they’ve already happened. For example: “I have the confidence to ask for what I want.”
“I deserve more money in my life.” Write them down. Post them in full view. Say them out loud as often as possible. When you act as if you’re worth a lot, you’ll eventually convince yourself as well as others.
5. Challenge yourself in other areas A stretch in any area of life has a ripple effect in other areas as well. If you can’t quite get yourself to volunteer for that tough assignment or ask for a raise, try signing up for an art class or running a marathon. Anything that puts you out of your comfort zone builds confidence and self-worth.

By practicing these tips, you’ll begin to notice a shift in how you feel about yourself. Making more money becomes not something you should do, but something you have to do-because you know in your heart you’re worth it.

Barbara Stanny is an author, lecturer and workshop presenter on the subject of women and money. Barbara has empowered millions of women through her books, speeches, and appearances on CNN, CNBC, Good Morning America, The View and many other popular TV shows.

An Olympic Family History Moment

September 2, 2009

by Steve Pender, video biographer & personal historian, Family Legacy Video, Inc.

Imagine finally seeing your father run in the Olympics – the 1912 Olympics, that is.

Creating video biographies is always fulfilling for me. But occasionally I can provide a special service that really gives me the warm fuzzies. Here’s an example:

Just before Christmas of 2004 I completed a Family Legacy Video for a wonderful couple, Mary-Lou and Dick, in Tucson, Arizona. It turns out that Mary-Lou’s dad was a college track star in the 1910s, held the record for the mile for a number of years and placed fourth in the 1500m run in the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden.

After I finished the video, Dick asked me if I thought film footage of the race might exist. I told him I’d check around. I contacted a few film archives with no success, then managed to find my way to the Web site of the International Olympic Committee. I submitted a query through the site, and then went on to other things.

After about a month, I received an e-mail from an archivist at the IOC. Believe it or not there was a film clip, thirty seconds long, of the race I was looking for!

Long story short, the IOC sent me the clip. The quality of the film was surprisingly good and gave views of the starting line, the mid point of the race and the finish. I added a title screen and created two versions of the clip, one running at normal speed and one in slow motion, adding a freeze frame of Mary-Lou’s father crossing the finish line. Then I put it all on DVD.

After watching the footage, Mary-Lou wrote me, saying, “You can’t imagine what a thrill it was to see Dad running. That was an amazing thing you did for us but it meant the most to me. Thank you again and again.”

I feel great knowing I helped make a very special and unique addition to a family’s archive.

Updating Your Personal & Business Brand… With Your Existing Products, Books, Services, and Ideas…

August 28, 2009


by Ruth Klein
Part I

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the work you have to do; all the products or services you want to start; finally use or reuse the previous products and services and maybe even re-launch them? Plus, are you wondering how you will find the time to do all of this work so that you can start monetizing your existing material, products (new or old), services, etc.? 

Most small businesses, authors and professionals I work with have answered a resounding “yes” to these feelings of overwhelm and frustration…and they find themselves procrastinating and not getting much of anything done.
Our reality is our perception, which is made up of our thoughts and experiences. If your thinking and hence, your perception is one of being overwhelmed with all your past and present products, writing, books, seminars, services, then you are overwhelmed. The response to feeling overwhelmed is often procrastination, anxiety and stress. There is another option and that is changing your reality in this moment. 

Rather than the perception of overwhelm, you can change your thoughts right in this moment to…I have a “treasure of stuff” that I’ve created and now I have the opportunity to reuse, modify or re-launch them and update my Personal and Business Brand in the process. 

So, how does this all tie into your Personal and Business Brand? Here are six ways that you can take your overwhelm feelings, many “old” and “new” products, services, ideas and books…update them and then re-launch them with a focus to an updated Personal and Business Brand. I hope you like my new Brand look in this issue.
1. First, give yourself permission to spend one to two hours a day for the next two weeks to “find” all your past seminars, webinars, videos, speeches, different types of writing, blog posts, MP3’s, testimonials, pictures, special discounts and promotions that worked well in the past.

Tip: I assure you that the time you spend “gathering” will shorten the “hunt” later. 

2. Organize all this information into what you believe would be worthwhile to use now. You will be amazed at all the great “stuff” or as I prefer to say, “treasures” you will find. Congratulations for doing this, because now you will save so much time and stress moving forward in sorting, discarding and re-launching your ideas, products, books and services. 

Tip: This is the perfect time to gather all of your old as well as new material. Why reinvent the wheel? Chances are good that your “older” works, material and writings have gems in them and can easily be used and updated with what you’re doing now. 

3. Now, it’s time to make a list of everything you have found and put the “treasures” into categories, and then create neat piles. Do this for all the good stuff you’ve found. Create complimentary stacks, if necessary. 

Tip: Place these stacks of treasures in large plastic containers and list the contents on a sheet of paper that you keep on top of each of the stacks…makes for easy reference and saves a ton of time moving forward.

4. Okay, now that you’ve taken the time to pull everything, identified what everything is; put them into stacks of similar content; made a list of everything…now, it’s time to identify the top two (yes, only two) areas that you are passionate about and want to focus on in your business. Those are the two (yes, only two..) areas that you will now focus on and this becomes your new updated Brand. Chose the “treasures” from the stacks that feed back into your top focus areas. 

Tip: Choose those two areas that you most enjoy doing and look for ROI (Return on investment in terms of time, money and energy).

5. Commit to spending four focused hours a day on the two primary areas you’ve chosen and watch how your Personal and Business Brand starts to come alive for you…as well as your new clients. It has to work as it is a Universal Law…that which you focus on most will be that which shows up most in your life! 

Tip: “Focused time” in this case is referred to as Marketing. The life blood and engine of your business is the marketing that you do…four focused hours a day is worth more than ten hours of work with interruptions…including interruptions such as email and reading enewsletters! Go ahead and read emails but NOT during your focused time. 

6. Enjoy your new treasures and the wealth of new opportunities and options available to you…which all equates to attracting your ideal clients with your updated products, services and brand. 

Tip: The Universe needs what you have to offer. It’s not about you; it’s about your contribution that is the issue here. 

About Ruth Klein:

Branding Strategist and Productivity Coach, Speaker and Author Ruth Klein is the owner of the award-winning boutique firm, The Marketing/Time Source.

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